George Frideric Handel

Downloadable orchestral scores and sheet music in Acrobat format

These are derived from the Deutschen Händelgesellschaft series edited by F.W. Chrysander, published 1858-1894. I've prepared and posted fifty of the hundred or so volumes, and will post more as demand warrants and time permits. Please send comments to

Please note that while the scores here are useful as an introduction to the works, newer and more accurate editions, such as the ongoing Hallische Händel-Ausgabe, should be used when preparing a performance.

The Händelgesellschaft volume numbers (HG) are cross-referenced with Händel Werkverzeichnis numbers (HWV), but the correspondance is not always exact. For more details, as well as generous amounts of well-organized information about Handel, see

These files began as scans published by the Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek, which were then uploaded to Rapidshare by Stefan Racic. I have bound them into volumes using Adobe Acrobat, adding bookmarks and removing blank pages. The images are good quality, but as a result the files are large (15-77MB).

Links marked with External Linkare hosted on external sites, which may present you with various obstacles (advertising, timed delays) before letting you download. If you know of a friendlier alternative, please tell me.

Athalia HG 5 HWV 52
Belshazzar HG 19 HWV 61
Brockes Passion HG 15 HWV 48 'Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus'
Joshua HG 17 HWV 64
Joshua HG 17 HWV 64
Judas Maccabeus HG 22 HWV 63
La Resurrezione HG 39 HWV 47
MessiahExternal Link HG 45 HWV 56
Samson HG 10 HWV 57
Saul HG 13 HWV 53
Susanna HG 1 HWV 66
Theodora HG 8 HWV 68
Opera seria
Admeto, re di Tessaglia HG 73 HWV 22
Agrippina HG 57 HWV 6
Alcina HG 86 HWV 34
Alessandro HG 72 HWV 21
Almira HG 55 HWV 1
Arianna in Creta HG 83 HWV 32
Ariodante HG 85 HWV 33
Arminio HG 89 HWV 36
Atalanta HG 87 HWV 35
Berenice, regina d'Egitto HG 90 HWV 38
Ezio HG 80 HWV 29
Flavio, re de' Langobardi HG 67 HWV 16
Giulio Cesare in Egitto HG 68 HWV 17
Giustino HG 88 HWV 37
Il Pastor Fido (1712) HG 59 HWV 8a
Il Pastor Fido (1734) HG 84 HWV 8b, 8c
Lotario HG 77 HWV 26
Muzio Scevola (Act 3) HG 64 HWV 13
Poro, re dell'Indie HG 79 HWV 28
Rinaldo HG 58 HWV 7a, 7b includes both 1711 and 1731 versions
Rodelinda, regina de' Langobardi HG 70 HWV 19
Rodrigo HG 56 HWV 5
Silla HG 61 HWV 10
Tamerlano HG 69 HWV 18
Teseo HG 60 HWV 9
Tolomeo, re d'Egitto HG 76 HWV 25
Keyboard WorksExternal Link HG 2 HWV 426-442
HWV 447
HWV 452
HWV 488
HWV 496
HWV 574-5
HWV 577-8
HWV 585
HWV 606-610
12 Concerti Grossi, Op.6 HG 21 HWV 319-330
Chamber MusicExternal Link
HG 27 HWV 359-373
HWV 380-394
HWV 396-402
including Solo Sonatas, Op.1; Trio Sonatas, Op.2; Trio Sonatas, Op.5
Instrumental Concerti HG 21 HWV 287-288
HWV 301-302
HWV 312-330
including Concerti Grossi, Op.3
Orchestral WorksExternal Link HG 47 HWV 331-335
HWV 348-351
Includes Water Music; Fireworks Music; Concerti per due cori
Alexander's Feast HG 12 HWG 75
Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne
full score
vocal score
HG 46a HWG 74 Eternal Source of Light Divine
Ode for St Cecilia's Day HG 23 HWV 76
Acis and Galatea (serenata)
full score
vocal score
HG 3 HWV 49a, 49b
Alceste (incidental music) HG 46b HWV 45
The Choice of Hercules (drama) HG 18 HWV 69
Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline
full score
vocal score
HG 11 HWG 264 The ways of Zion do mourn
Italian Cantatas, Part 2 HG 52b HWV 96
HWV 122
HWV 134
HWV 140
HWV 143
HWV 165
HWV 170-171
HWV 173
including Apollo e Dafne
Hercules (drama) HG 4 HWV 60
Utrecht Te Deum HG 31 HWV 279

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