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The King of the Entire World
by Daniel Pisello

This musical ran for the 1978-79 season and was revived occasionally after that. Besides the performances on 4th Street, the show was taken to schools and summer camps. It was also performed in Spanish.

Backstage at an outdoor show, 1980: Rita Gross (Marguerita), Janie Paul (Pepe Bill), Dee Green (Wing Toy)

These tracks are from the 'original cast' LP made from the first production. It contains the entire show complete with dialog. It is not precisely the original (that is, opening) cast, because although all these actors did play all these parts at some point in the run, there was never a performance with this exact personnel.

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01 Overture mp3
02 Introduction (Gingko) mp3
03 King of the Entire World (King, Chorus) mp3
04 King of the Entire World - reprise (Gingko, Chorus) mp3
05 Bringle the Breadmaker (Bringle) mp3
06 at the bakery mp3
07 May's Song (May) mp3
08 at the farm mp3
09 The Mother of Invention (May, Gerard) mp3
10 in the King's chamber mp3
11 on the beach mp3
12 Sea Chantey (Armand, Letitia) mp3
13 in front of the palace mp3
14 If I Go (King) mp3
15 in the King's chamber mp3
16 From the Notion of the Motion (Gerard, May) mp3
17 on board the ship mp3
18 Herbert Certainly Needs Some Help (Gingko, Leonardo, Armand, Letitia) mp3
19 Je fait les 'Bowties' (Pierre) mp3
20 Sunlight Samba (Marguerita, Chorus) mp3
21 in China mp3
22 in front of the palace mp3
23 Herbert Certainly Needs Some Help - reprise (Gingko, Chorus) mp3
24 From the Notion of the Motion - reprise (Company) mp3
in order of vocal appearance
Gingko Daniel Pisello
Sergio David Singer
King Bob Miranti
Bringle Robert Putz
May Rita Gross
Gerard Jocko Marcellino
Leonardo Carol Buck
Armand John Amato
Letitia Carol Schneider
Pierre ?
Marguerita Rita Gross
Wing Toy Dee Green

Album Credits

Recorded at El-Mar Studio
Engineering Elliott Randall, Jim Miller
Mix Elliott Randall
Recording Producters John Amato, Kit McClure
Musical Director Kit McClure
Vocal Director Joan Harvey
Chorus Director Elliot Levine
Horn Arrangements Joe Hudson
Piano Arangements Janet Steele
Special Thanks to Elliott Randall
Marilyn Surgit
Jim Miller
Elliot Levine Piano
Trudy Williams Bass
Daniel Pisello Drums
John Amato Guitar
Elliott Randall Acoustic Guitar
Mike Fogarty Violin, Acoustic Guitar
Carol Buck Cello
Kit McClure Saxophones, Clarinet, Trombone
Trudy Cavallo Trumpet, Percussion
Lauren Draper Trumpet, Percussion
Luis Remesar Conga

Jacket Design Elliot Kreloff
Jacket Illustration Marc Rice

Producted by the Fourth Wall Repertory
Artistic Director Joan Harvey
Publicity Ken Krauss
Graphics Jeannie Friedman
Elliot Kreloff
John MacLeod
Marc Rice
Theatre Manager Steve Disch

Lyrics, music, and book 1978 by Daniel Pisello